Evolution Line
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Air Cooled Stabilizer MT 133 / MT 134

Developed to coo! shoes rapidly.

- The cold air, circulated from bottom up, first reaches the sole,
- Accelerates shoe stability;
- Increases bond strength;
- Reduces strain whert removing shoe from mold.
- Prevents future defects;
- Significantly reduces assembly time.

Equipment features:
- Stainless-steel conveyor;
- Unique side opening to clean tunnel bottom;
- Stainless-steel internai construction.
- Thermal insulation in injected polyurethane, resulting in lower power consumption;
- Transport by motor-reducer with permanent oil;
- Temperature sensor located inside the tunnel, measuring the actual temperature;
- Upright-located evaporator; self-cleaning;
- Better performance with lower power consumption - condenser and evaporator scaled according to equipment power;
- Accumulatíon tank for fluids - prolongs compressor life;
- Manual or automatic defrost;
- Direction-reversible condition of conveyor;
- Bath-treated metal frame.
- Anticorrosive primer (high-perfor- mance polyurethane);.
- Finish with polyurethane-based liquid paint of high resistance and high gloss.
- Fitted with wheels to move equipment.
• Patent has been granted.