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U.V. Tunnel to Prepare E.V.A. Glueing 2001 UVTEC

The MT 2001 is an equipment that was developed using the newest tecnology to prepare the area for glueing.
This new process removes mechanic roughness (sandpaper) in the sole of a shoe, between soles and stamp of E.V.A. and other materials, with collage standardization guarantee.
This system can be used in injected material, warmed conformated, and tamined without changes in draw and shape, because inside the tunnel the temperature is eletronicaly controled. There was a big cost reduction because the mechanic roughness in an artesanal, low and difficult to execute this process, firstly, when the shoe sole have different thickness and design (like the box sole) it demands a lot of efforts. In fact this process keeps the E.V.A, “skin” with the original feature for them. After works the material is submitted the polymerízation in the U.V. tunnel. It can stay without the adhesive tape for until 8 hours. It can change according to the E.V.A. composition.

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