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U.V. Tunnel for preparation of E.V.A. for Bonding UVTEC MT 2010

Developed for preparation of EVA bonding for outsoles, midsoles and dies.
• Eliminates mechanical roughness.
• Does not change shape and design of the sole.
• Reduces operational cost.
• Preserves the EVA "skin", keeping its strength characteristics.
• Allows up to 08 hours interval between polymerization and adhesive application.

Equipment features:
• Unique rotary system, reducing manpower and energy consumption.
• Equipped with three UV sources.
• Power sources can be adjusted in high, medium or low.
• Hour meter coupled to PLC: shows the number of worked hours and atops to run when 1.000 hours have been reached.
• Individual ammeters.
• Transport regulation by means of a frequency inverter.
• Automatic shutdown in case any source is cut off, ensuring the process.
• Transport by motor-reducer with permanent oil.
• System to reduce EVA temperature by means of two fan motors installed on top of machine with air directed to the soles.
• Sources height and tilt are adjustable.
• Without a conveyor belt, which means lower maintenance requirement.
• Bath-treated metal frame.
• Anticorrosive primer (high-performance polyurethane).
• Finish with polyuretane-based liquid paint of high resistance and high gloss.
• Fitted with wheels to move equipment.

Máquinas Tecnomaq Ltda has pioneered the development of UV machines for footwear industries in Brazil.

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